First Day in Japan

Holly blogged, so I don’t have to!

Holly posted the good photos, and there’s some more here.

The tempura place was intersting as they spoke NO english (at least our waitress didn’t), so I actually had to use japanese to ask for some water. I’d remembered “mizu kudasai”, but my phrase book had “o-mizu o onegai shimas”, which made me break out in a cold sweat as I muttered it to myself. When she finally arrived I sumimasened her, and actually said it quite well. Water duly arrived. This was the most Japanese I had used so far. Mostly just “sumimasen” and “arigato gozimas”. “Two” seems to be well understood everywhere. I was actually ready to ask for the bill “o-kanjo o kudasai”, but we already had it, and just had to pay up front.

Shinjuku is crazy busy. We did manage to find an ATM, which is good as the cash flow rate is quite high so far. Food is quite expensive, as are taxis. The trains are very cheap.