Lesson 9 - Wednesday March 3rd

Sick Day

I'd been doing so well with the motion sickness, that I decided I may as well go ahead and drink wine with my meal last night.  I'd previously been trying to keep of the booze for 24 hours before any flying, much to Holly's dismay.  So last night I had a nice couple of glasses of wine as we watched TV.

Alas, I tempt fate.  The lesson proceeds much like the last one.  We are supposed to do power-on stalls, but by the time we get out to Point Dume, I'm not feeling too good, and we head back in a straight line.  I have to let Tanya fly, so I can recover.  Such a wuss!

Anyway, she fills in my log book, she asks me if I'll have time to stop by a drug store and buy some of those acupressure write bands.  I've no excuse, as I've got all the time in the world, and she's suggested this several times before, so I finally give up and agree to buy some.