Lesson 8 - Friday Feb 27th

Windy Day

Not really much to report today. Flew in 8148H, and it was pretty much like the last lesson.

It had been a very nice morning, very clear skies, and not too much wind. But around the time of my lesson (11AM), the winds were starting to pick up.

I did the preflight, and the startup procedure. It's almost becoming routine, although I also forget something, routinely. Taxi to SouthEast run-up as usual, but I fluff the radio slightly, and Ground asks me "48H, where are you parked?", and I have to enunciate a bit clearer "Justice".

Then takeoff, a bit windy, blowing us around, but when we were up in the air 1000ft or so, the wind seems to level off, although I do a degree of wrestling for the rest of the flight.

Up the coast we go, do slow flight a few times, then a power off stall, then turn around and come back.

Tanya does the landing, as its now very windy (gusting 24kts), and she make a very nice landing. We taxi back.

Next lesson Tuesday, 4PM.