Lesson 33 - Friday May 21st

Many Landings

Landings landings landings,  I'm still not particularly good at them. I did eight today, plus a go-around. 

We just stayed in the pattern, nothing particularly interesting happened, other than a brief mention of "Multiple targets at one o'clock, some kind of police pursuit", which turned out to be the iconic LA car chase, with the media helicopters in pursuit.

I still think I'm improving, just very slowly.  I have major problems with keeping the speed constant, and keeping on the glide path.  I tend to miss the warning signs, and don't take action until it's become more of a problem than it needs to be.  It's the same old story, I don't scan the instruments, and I get distracted easily.  This is something I need to work on very specifically.

Tanya's going to be moving on at the end of the month, to work full time at LMU, so I'll probably be getting Amy Zierke.  I'll be sad to see Tanya go, but maybe a change of instructor will shake me out of my rut.