Nepal Photos from 1993

Back in 1993 I took a trip to Nepal with my ex-girlfriend Carol. I took a lot of photos on that trip, and finally got around to scanning them in:

Six days of the trip were trekking near Pokara, in the Annapuran region. This is approximately the route we took:

From Nepal 1993

It’s about the easiest trek you can do. We walked for about five hours a day, maybe a bit more, but were really only walking 5-8 miles. It was a lot of up and down though. The heights on the map are in meters.


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    You are about as good as finishing photo tasks as myself. Sometimes its only when all three 2 MB are full that I download the pics and organize.

    You’ve got some great shots there – some of the ancient architecture is stunning. Really like the old “normal” building like the stores where they sagged, etc. over the years.

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    My God! You old goat! Running off with Carol! How the heck are you? I’m trying to get in touch with everyone from Needham. Found Jon Wells and John Lord. Email me and let’s catch up

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