About Me

Mick West
Mick West

My name is Mick West. I’m a science writer and debunker. I used to be a video games programmer

My sites:

  • Metabunk.org – all about bunk and how to debunk it. A polite forum of and about debunking.
  • ContrailScience.com – About contrails and the “chemtrail” conspiracy theory
  • CowboyProgramming.com,– where I write about games programming, and post some of the experimental code I have written.

My Media

My Game Development Stuff:

  • My articles on Gamasutra. These are a mix of Game Developer Articles, and some stuff from Cowboy Programming
  • My gameography on Mobygames. All the games I worked on. This was mostly programming and design up to Tony Hawk’s Underground. Then consulting on some games. The last programming I did there was the AI for World Series of Poker.

Old Stuff

You can email me at:


If you wish to securely email me, here’s my public key.


A game I helped make.